Day 25 – Magical Chi machine finally arrived

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (make sure you do, otherwise you may miss my cutting edge stuff again!), you probably saw a box that arrived at my doors yesterday:

I’m sure you all want to know what was inside that box? Well, since no one guessed correctly, I decided to shoot my first video ever just to show you guys what I’ve got. It’s unlikely that you ever saw anything like that before. I certainly didn’t. Without further ado, here it is:

Yes, it is the Chi machine guys, that’s right! What the hell is Chi machine and why did I decide to buy it? Excellent questions, thank you. The answer is – I’m not 100% sure.

Let me explain. See, when I was on the UPW event a few month ago, there was a guy who led the second day of the seminar instead of the Tony. His name is Joseph McClendon III and he claimed that in the past 30 years he wasn’t sick even once. Of course, he also presented a bunch of useful info, but that statement of his about never being sick registered in my head for some reason.

His recommendation for everyone was to get this thing called Chi machine and use it every morning to exercise your core and whole body to increase blood circulation. The best time to use the machine, according to Joseph, is right after you get out of the bed. Just drink a glass of water and let this miracle Chi machine do its magic on you. Let me warn you though, it’s a bit pricey ($200 and up for the decent one).

I never heard anything about that machine in the past, so I made a note on the event and then did a bit of the research on it. Turned out it was developed by renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Shizou Inoue about 38 years ago. I even found a few links to some studies that showed various positive effects on your body and energy levels, especially if you use it consistently.

Josephs words and my own research convinced me to at least try it out, especially since I already started my my morning routine about a month ago (crazy how fast the time flies). The Chi machine would fit right in there.

I would wake up, drink a glass of water mixed with supplements that I take and then go to the basement and let the machine start my routine. I would then follow up with some breathing execrcises, meditation, affirmations, visualizations and finish it up with the short physical workout.

Maybe one day I’ll record my morning routine as well, but for now, I am still working on it. My goal is to make it as compact as possible. Ideally, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. I’d like to make the whole morning routine less time consuming, so I could do more important stuff.

Right now it takes about an hour (sometimes even longer), still a long way to go. Thankfully I’m not in a rush. Remember, I still want to keep all those benefits that I currently get from the routine while spending a fraction of time going through it.

This morning I tried my Chi machine for the first time (started with 5 minutes) and if I would have to describe my feelings with one word, it would be “Strange”. Once the machine stops, you feel like your blood is flowing to all the parts of your body.

I didn’t want to do the recommended 15 mins right away to avoid potential injuries to my spine or knees. Will report later if there will be some new interesting observations. Remeber, it takes time to get the results (like with pretty much anything in life) and I’m just excited to add it to my morning routine.

One thing to remember, in case you’ll decide to use the machine as well, don’t jump to your feet right after the machine stops. Lay down for 2 more minutes, do some stretching if you want. About 60% of all the benefits from the Chi machine come when it actually stops, not when it runs. Weird, I know.

Ok, here is that. What else is cooking? Oh yes, today was another rainy day. It was pouring outside when I woke up and seems like it will continue raining the whole day.

Only 6 people showed up to the soccer practice this morning, probably because of the long weekend (we play at the Aviator Complex every Sunday). It was pretty intense 3 on 3 game and by the end of it everyone was pretty exhausted.

Here is the rainy picture I took for you guys on the way back home:

Like I mentioned in one my previous post, I don’t mind the rain. It creates some special creative environment. You can relax, get a cup of hot tea or coffee and focus on work, without constantly thinking about going outside or checking surfing webcam on the Long Beach.

My goal for today is to go to sleep early, somewhere around 10pm. I was running on just six hours of sleep for the past few days and it starts to show up, especially after intense physical activity.

I also had some plans to focus on my 2 Comma Club Coaching program. Remember, I still need to come up with sellable product idea before I come to Boise in about week and a half… Didn’t do much on that front yet, hopefully, tomorrow. That part doesn’t come easy, unfortunately…

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