Nginx proxy_read_timeout catch or double php script execution

I was working on import script recently. Expected execution time was more than 60 seconds, the default value of proxy_read_timeout directive in Nginx that’s why Nginx displayed nice 504 Gateway Timeout error every time I run the script, even though the script was still running on the back end.  …

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Moving single MySQL database to tmpfs

Recently I had a problem running Drupal Simpletest on my new i7 dev box. It took couple minutes to execute a set of relatively simple tests and as a developer you probably know how annoying that could be. The problem was largely due to InnoDB storage engine and it slowness caused by creating / removing tables (compared to let say MyISAM).  …

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How I solved MySQL I/O problems during cache purges in Drupal

Recently I’ve built pretty powerful workstation with I7 CPU and lots of RAM, but noticed very poor performance during devel/cache/clear operations in Drupal. In fact this operation was 5 times slower than on my 3yrs old dev box.

Initially I thought there was a problem with my hardrive (defected?).  …

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