Provision with Chef – baby steps (installation and initial configuration)

In the previous post I wrote about our pre-chef approach for instance bootstrapping.

Today I will explain the process of our migration to Chef. I’m sure that could be useful for someone down the road, who’s trying to travel on similar route.  …

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Nullmailer and Fakemail – two little tools for every developer

From time to time I need to work with outgoing mails: change templates, make sure they display correct data etc. You could go with some full blown MTA like postfix and it’s actually pretty easy to install and configure for outgoing mail sending. I personally tend to not install MTA on my dev box,  …

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Problem with Drupal 6 CURL and Simpletest

When I had to switch from my usual Linux dev box to Mac 10.7 recently (because of Sandy hurricane), I noticed a problem with CURL when I was running my tests through command line.

Basically CURL was just returning output to STDOUT instead of passing it to a variable as it should because of RETURNTRANSFER option in the simpletest class.  …

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Nginx proxy_read_timeout catch or double php script execution

I was working on import script recently. Expected execution time was more than 60 seconds, the default value of proxy_read_timeout directive in Nginx that’s why Nginx displayed nice 504 Gateway Timeout error every time I run the script, even though the script was still running on the back end.  …

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Moving single MySQL database to tmpfs

Recently I had a problem running Drupal Simpletest on my new i7 dev box. It took couple minutes to execute a set of relatively simple tests and as a developer you probably know how annoying that could be. The problem was largely due to InnoDB storage engine and it slowness caused by creating / removing tables (compared to let say MyISAM).  …

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How I solved MySQL I/O problems during cache purges in Drupal

Recently I’ve built pretty powerful workstation with I7 CPU and lots of RAM, but noticed very poor performance during devel/cache/clear operations in Drupal. In fact this operation was 5 times slower than on my 3yrs old dev box.

Initially I thought there was a problem with my hardrive (defected?).  …

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