Percona mysql install problem with Chef on Linode – be aware!


Fresh Linode instance of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Super simple recipe ( stripped down for debugging ).

include_recipe "apt"
include_recipe "ohai"

include_recipe "mysql::percona_repo"
include_recipe "mysql::server"

I tested installation numerous times with the same OS version with Vagrant with no problems, but when it was time to run it on Linode instance I run into problems like this:

apt-get -q -y install percona-server-server=1:5.5.33-rel31.1-566.precise returned 100, expected 0

Resource Declaration:
# In /opt/chef-solo/cookbooks/mysql/recipes/server.rb

153:   package package_name do
154:     action :install
155:     notifies :start, "service[mysql]", :immediately
156:   end
157: end

After spending couple days checking and comparing Vagrant box, versions, packages, sources list – you name it, I bet I checked that as well. I was going mad with this problem and was at the point of throwing my workstation out of the window…

Anyways I was able to trace down the problem which turned out to be my.cnf problem 🙂

MySQL error.log gave me this helpful hint:

130828 23:23:29 [ERROR] Can't create IP socket: Success
130828 23:23:29 [ERROR] Aborting 

(Very helpful I know)

Then I dig a little deeper to discover config problem itself – bind-address was empty:

bind-address  =

By looking at the mysql cookbook attributes I discovered this line:

default['mysql']['bind_address'] = attribute?('cloud') ? cloud['local_ipv4'] : ipaddress

Apparently Linode instances are getting cloud attribute ( which kind of makes sense ) but missing local_ipv4 property.

Finally the FIX – default['mysql']['bind_address'] = node['ipaddress'] in your application cookbook. ( I will probably propose a patch for mysql cookbook later )

Hopefully you will this info faster than I did!

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