Day 17 – Totally confused

No, Chinese people don’t eat same chines food we eat in US. People in Mexico don’t eat burritos, that’s American thing. Yes, they do! No, they don’t. Fruits are bad for you. Fruits are perfect, they contain fructose and not sugar. Bulshit, still a sugar! What do you think about fasting? You should drink more milk, it’s great for you! No No No – milk kills you…

It’s 12pm here in Hewlett, Long Island and the sun is warming up my back right as I type this update. It’s a beautiful Saturday day and just like I suspected yesterdays the Poker night ended well after the midnight.

I got home around 1.30am yesterday and I had to leave my chips to my friend, because one of the players who was done playing offered me a ride home. I think the game finished around 3am.

See how many chips I got at one point in the game? Then I almost lost all of it, just like in real life – one moment you are on top of the world and few moments later you hit the rock bottom.

Not sure if you guys watch soccer, but there was interesting moment that I wanted to bring up. Just imagine, Real Madrid plays against Barcelona for the Supercup. Both teams hate each other and desperately want to win. It’s second half of the game, the score is 1:1. The game is very tight.

Then Zidane (Real’s head coach) makes a substitution and puts Ronaldo on the field. I think he was recovering after the injury, that’s why he didn’t start right away.

Couple minutes later, Rondaldo receives the pass in the middle of the field, sprints on the left side like he usually does, then makes a sudden turn to the right leaving the opposing defender out of position and scores a beautiful goal into to the right corner! Gooooollllll! Another away goal on Barcelona’s field!

I’m sure he was on the top of the world in that moment. As you can see he ripped his shirt off in the heat of celebration and that’s a 100% yellow card by the soccer rules. The referee immediately showed him the yellow card, but who cares right? He just scored an amazing goal, only 10 minutes left until the end of the game. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, not so fast. Just 3 minutes after the goal, Ronaldo tried to dribble the defender and fell in the penalty area. While I can’t tell for sure if there was a push by defender or not, but the referee saw the simulation by Rondaldo and gave him another yellow card!

Two yellow cards in soccer turn into the red card and that means you need to immediately leave the field and also skip the next game! Ronaldo couldn’t keep his cool and actually pushed the referee when he saw the red card in his hands:

Suddenly one game ban (very important second leg of the supper cup by the way) turned into the 5 games ban! All of the highs and lows happened within just few short minutes.

I’m sure Ronaldo kicked his head against the wall in the dressing room. Stupid yellow card for taking his shirt off brought him five games ban, who would think, right?

Try to keep your cool guys! Be humble and down to earth. Ups and downs always go hand to hand, remember that.

There was a short break in our poker game and somehow our discussion drifted into the food and nutrition area… Everyone had their own opinion about what you should eat and what to avoid.

I bet if you ask 10 people in your inner circle you will get the same picture – a lot of passionate arguing. The question is, how do know who is right and who is wrong? Who do we trust?

There are lots of gurus, doctors, motivational speakers and everyone is pushing their own nutrition programs. That’s the most common thinking, right?

Well, I kind of agree and disagree. In the past month I’ve read about 4 books on the food and nutrition topic and yes, there are some differences in the authors approaches, but if you look close enough there are a bunch of similarities as well.

Try to get as much information as possible from different well known and reputable sources and then identify the common parts. You’d be surprised how many there will be. That’s the approach I chose for myself.

The only thing I don’t get is why people get so upset and defensive about their opinions when they did absolutely zero research on the topic? They seem to operate solely out of emotions and feelings. Don’t waste your neurons, equip yourself with information first and then exchange the information with others. Look for patterns and more importantly – make your own conclusions.

As for me, I’m continuing building my foundation and follow the second phase of the Plant Paradox Program. Today I finally got my fish oil supplement!

I ate 3 capsules with my breakfast to get close to 1000 DHA a day. The capsules from this particular product are huge and it’s kind of hard to swallow, especially 3 like in my case.

Maybe I’ll split it into two intakes, breakfast and dinner. A bit inconvenient and hard to remember. Will need to do a little bit of the research to see what other people do with fish oil.

Today I decided to make Coconut-Almond Flour Muffins for my breakfast. That’s right! The whole preparation time is about 5 mins when you have all the ingredients (coconut and olive oils, coconut and almond flour, eggs) and you bake it in the microwave, easy in fast.

Want to see the final product? Here it goes:

Yeah, not exactly what I expected visually, but taste wise it was awesome. I added some blueberries and figs on the side and devoured the whole goodness in a matter of minutes. I’m sure I’ll get better with practice and it’s kind of fun.

Definitely need to learn how to cook, otherwise, I’ll have to eat salads all the time (especially when by myself). There are so many different awesome recipes out there and I want to find the ones that don’t need a ton of different ingredients and learn how to make them.

I think this is especially important when you want to try some new dietary program and your partner/wife doesn’t buy in right away. If she is the main cook in the house, which I would guess is pretty common situation, then you pretty much screwed.

Fortunately, my wife is awesome and tries to help me with my new eating style. Thank you for everything you do for me – Love you!

Another quick story I wanted to share before I go. The other day I wanted to make myself an awesome omelet with the unpasteurized A2 milk that we got from the local farm, but once I pulled the bottle out of the fringe I saw the milk was already spoiled! I was kind of upset but also happy to finally find the real milk that actually goes bad! Just like the milk from my childhood!

Here in the US the milk you buy in the store can go on forever seem like… Very good for the manufacturer, bad for us. They even make us believe pasteurization is for our benefits as it kills very bad bacterias or something. I think the main goal is to increase the shelf life, that’s why they do it.

Maybe I’ll be doing some old school Kefir with this milk, kind of fun.

All in all, I want you to remember one thing. Before you come to any conclusion about food or any other topic, try to get as much information from multiple reputable sources and come up with your own conclusions. That’s why you have a head on your shoulders after all! Don’t just blindly believe what I or anyone else says to you. Learn, find patterns, test, repeat. Once you find what works for you, stick with that. Cheers.

P.S. Oh, almost forgot, I finally bought the Chi machine! It should come next week and I’m super excited about that!

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