Day 18 – Get really uncomfortable before you get really comfortable

Three days in a row I went to sleep around 2am essentially destroying my 5.30am wakeup routine. Yesterday after McGregor’s fight I didn’t even set the alarm clock and let myself take as much sleep as my body needed. Does it make me a failure?

I bet someone who reads my daily notes my say “Sergey, you need to keep the schedule no matter what happens in your life. If you skip even a day, then you failed”.

You know what I say to that? Fuck it!

I’m sure you all remember this speech from Marko Rubio:

Well, I’m not a robot. At least I try not to be. The whole point of the personal transformation that I started 18 day ago is to build the foundation for my future success and I still think I’m on the right track regardless of the few sunrises that I failed to observe.

What matters the most is that I feel great when I type this message. My mind is focused, my stomach doesn’t bother me, my mood is all time high and I just enjoy every minute of it.

Does that mean I have no self-doubts about the whole process? Of course I do, I’m not any special from you guys. I think I’m going through the difficult stages where initial enthusiasm slowly fades out and I have to grind to keep moving forward.

Seems like most people start to fail at this stage and revert back to their usual well-known ways. Will I do the same, will I slip back into mediocrity? I hope not. Time will show. That will be a good test for my motivation, my Why’s.

The biggest thing that stresses me out at the moment is the event I need to attend September 11-14 in Boise.

Some of you may already know that I purchased Russel Brunson’s program for 15K called Two Comma Club. Here is how that happened:

Just a few month ago I was working for the company that publishes FastCompany and Inc magazines. I was overseeing websites operations, making sure everything works all the time, pages load as fast as possible, writers can write new stories in the CMS etc. Pretty important position.

Around the same time new Russel’s book came out called Expert Sercrets. It was so good that I finished it in a few days. It basically teaches people to share the knowledge that they have with the rest of the world and make money doing that.

See, I had this feeling that I was stuck even though I had everything that supposedly makes you happy – high paying job, the house, stability, loving family and yet I felt stuck… To be honest, the feeling is still there inside of me, but now I have hope and see the light in the end of the tunnel.

When I was going through the book, there was one important thought that instantly connected with me. Here is a general idea.

Pretty much every one of us at some point in life goes through the phase of extreme learning. We find the topic we really like and then we find all the information about it. Obsess with it. That’s how we become an expert in that particular area.

For me, that was the programming. When I wrote my first lines of code about 15 years ago while still in college I became literally obsessed with it. I was reading all the books, online articles, watching videos related to programming and web development.

After I moved to US (a story in itself) and found my first official programming job I was on the cloud 9. I was enjoying every day at work and couldn’t wait to get back to the office where I could continue practicing my skills and solving problems (and of course I was writing code after work at home as well).

Total complete emersion and obsession. It lasted for about 10 years and then something happened, some switch flipped inside of me or something. I just wasn’t excited anymore and I couldn’t figure out why.

Apparently, many of us go through the same process according to the Experts Secrets book. Russel hit the same wall as well. What happens is there always the limit to how much you can possibly grow by yourself. You just simply can’t grow anymore. If you feel the same way, congratulations, it most likely means you became an expert in your niche!

Once you become an expert you usually stop growing on your own. Every task that comes your way is a repetition of something you did before. You desperately try to find some new problems to solve but there just not that many that you can find on your own.

The solution, according to the Russel’s is to start sharing what you know with others! This is the way to unstuck yourself and continue the growth. Here is a handy video from our friend Tony that illustrates the point:

Progress (growth) == Happiness. It may sound simple, but for me that was an eye opener. In my last 18 days I felt better and happier that whole year before that. Why? Because I feel like I’m making progress. Even as I write this words this very moment I make progress, train my brain, share my thoughts with you guys. That makes me happy!

When I finished Experts Secrets book, it became clear that I needed to start sharing what I know, but it’s not as easy as it may sound. Listen to what Gary V says about that:

To tell you the truth, I’ve been writing my daily episodes for 18 days now and nobody listens. Fortunately, I do it for myself, but you get the point. The point is you need to know how to share your stuff, how to reach people because if you think about it, everything in our lives is marketing. EVERYTHING!

I needed help to get my message out basically, to let people know about myself, my expertise. That’s why when I first learned about 2 Comma Club program, I was immediately sold. I knew deep inside that I needed help, the direction from someone who walked the path before, otherwise I would be slowly drifting on my own and wasting precious time. I knew that I have to buy this 15K program.

When I explained this whole thing to my wife she was very supportive and said “Go for it. I know that you need it. We will be fine”. Boom. Love you (maybe one day she will read this post :))!

She even clicked the buy button for me. Did you ever buy something for 15K online? That’s freaking special experience. You also need to call to the bank and temporarily remove the restrictions from your account to make that kind of a purchase.

She clicked the button for me and I was in! That’s what matters guys.

The thing about this program, as well as all other programs, is that you have to do the work, come up with your unique offer. They give you some tools and show you the process, but ultimately it’s you and only you who has to do the work.

In my case it’s not going easy, I really struggle to find my unique angle… 15K stress is real. I wanted that push when I purchased this program and I definitely got it.

Remember I bought the program about 3 months ago. A lot of things changed since then in my life. I’ve changed jobs (wasn’t easy), I went to Tony Robbins UPW event (alone!) where I learned the importance of self-development and growth. I changed my eating habits. I established my daily practice.

Maybe that’s too many changes, but I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. Boise event is my next major milestone and I need to focus on that! God bless me!

Wake up, Neo... The matrix has you...

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