Day 5: Blue or red pill?

Good morning everyone! 🙂 Woke up 5.30 with the alarm, went to sleep around 10.30. Was a bit hard to wake up. Drank a full glass of water as usual. Will go directly to my morning routine, will continue later.

Ok, it’s 6.30 and I’m back with you guys. Did the regular S.A.V.E.R.S steps from the Miracle Morning book and definitely feel re-energized. Speaking of the book, it reminded me an interesting observation.

Like I told you yesterday we were planning to go to the beach and managed to do it (I think it’s called Gilgo Beach in Long Island). My wife was pretty tired from waking up every hour, but somehow the whole family was in the car by 7.30am, which is generally extremely early for us.

We were trying to get there by 8am so we didn’t have to pay $40 entrance fee. The GPS was showing 7.56 arrival time, so we went on our way. All the roads were almost empty, such a pleasant driving experience when you can just hit 70 miles per hour and enjoy the ride, no stoplights no cars – amazing.

It was almost 7.57 on our clock when we passed Gilgo Beach turn, because we were expecting exit on the right, where the ocean was, but it turned out to be on the left.. We barely saw a sign. I was thinking to pop a quick u-turn, but it was a straight highway with no left turns in sight, so I had to drive a few miles until I found U-turn spot.

You know this moment when you enjoy your ride one second, then you pass your turn and you suddenly stop enjoying and switch to swearing mode: “why would they make a turn on the left and no signs before??”, “why there are no left turns on this freaking road??”.. that kind of stuff.. ;))

So we managed to get to the entrance at 8.02 and sure enough the guy who charges entrance fee was already there and didn’t let us in without $40 payment…

A few takeaways from this story:

  • sometimes you have to pay for the learning experience, don’t stress too much about it
  • give yourself some extra time, so you lower your stress in situations like this. If we had just 5 extra minutes I would still have my 40 bucks in my wallet ))

But that’s not the main point of the story. When we arrived to the parking lot, we noticed a bunch of cars there already and people were actually showering, washing their surfboards and leaving!

They enjoyed empty surf break, no crowds and free parking. Judging by the neighborhood and houses in it, the early birds belong to the infamous 1%.

We enjoyed the crowded beach until about 11am and left so our son Evan could enjoy his day nap. On the way back though, we spotted a HUGE LINE OF CARS going to the beach. The line of was going for more than a few miles and almost not moving. It was almost noon and SUPER HOT, close to 100F I think. Judging by people’s faces in those cars they were pretty mad staying in this line for hours, which is pretty understandable.

Then it hit me – that was a perfect example of our society, the mass, the 95% in general. There is a small group of people, the early risers who navigate around life and then there is the rest of us who just follow the “usual” flow of life.

Usually, it goes something like this – wake up around 9-10 on Sunday, go to a breakfast spot, enjoy a huge line there, then pack and go to the beach around 11-12pm, enjoy huge line of cars, crazy heat and waste of time. I know, because I followed this scenario as well many many times before..

Same ideas apply to food as well. One of our friends is working with the horses and I remember her saying that in order for the horse to perform at the highest level during the competitions, the food and blood (breed) is extremely important.

How are we different from the horses. Do you seriously think that those big corporations and food producers care about us? Or maybe government? No? So why are we then keep eating junk food and complain about low energy levels, mood swings, depression and extra weight?

The question is – can we change something in our lives to become the rulers of our lives, instead of just followers and complainers?

Well, as for me – I try as hard as I can not to slip back into the 95% and get control of my life so I can live it the way I want and on my terms.

Now the choice is yours.

Wake up, Neo... The matrix has you...

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