Day 4: Get Your “Ferrari” going

Got out of the bed at 5.10am today, the alarm was set to 5.30am, went to bed around 10.40pm.

Actually woke up multiple times this night, first time around 2.40 and then 4.40. Evan was waking up every hour… He only accepts his mommy at night though, so each time I get to him and try to come him down, he screams “Mama mama” even louder… My wife is pretty tired now and angry. Hopefully, she will get a few more hours of sleep this “night”.

We made some plans to wake up early today to go to the beach with our friends, but not sure if this will happen today…

Anyways, I’m up and I don’t get any more sleep. How do I feel? Well, sort of OK I would say. Getting some self-doubting thoughts like “Why do I do it?”, “Why don’t I just go to sleep and wake up at 8am, it’s Sunday after all?”

I think I’m getting to the period where initial excitement fades out and that’s the point where a lot of people revert to their old habits. You know, when you try something new for a first few days and then slowly revert to the old habits. The good example would be New Year resolutions, where a lot of people make mental promises to start exercising and if you go to the gym for the first two weeks after the new year, the parking lot will be completely full.

As the days go by there will be fewer and fewer cars on the parking lot and by the end of the month, it will be half empty. That’s how it works for most of us, unfortunately… But I need to keep pushing through, as it’s the only way to get where I want to be and reach my goals.

Ok, Evan is screaming again. Something is definitely bothering him this night. ((

Will go to the basement and start my SAVERS to wake myself up and get to the right mood, will report later if I feel like it.

6.20 and I emerged from the basement full of energy ) Seem like my morning routine takes about an hour now. Eventually, it should come down to something like 20 minutes, but it’s fine for now as I still have to figure different bits and pieces, like visualization music, physical exercises. Once I do it more and more, it should become automatic. Well, that’s what I hope at least.

I definitely agree with one thing – if you want to change your mood, change your focus and physiology!

Even today was a good example of that – when I woke up I was in a bit crappy mood, to be honest, but once I went through my morning routine I feel re-energized again. Just try it for yourself – if you feel bad about something, just focus on something positive in your life and then move your body, stand up if you are sitting, take a few deep breaths, dance a bit and see how you feel afterward. It’s all in our heads.

Just wanted to share with you guys one more thing before I check out today. Yesterday I went to the mall with my family and spotted couple beautiful Ferraris on the parking lot. Check it out:

Now let me ask you a question – if you don’t make changes in your life, don’t change your core principles, views and perceptions – do you think you ever going to own and drive one of these? Maybe you are not into cars. I’m not the car guy myself, but seriously, how do you feel about where you stand in your life right now? Are you going in the right direction?

For the past ten years I was working as software engineer and was getting a pretty good paycheck all this time (over 100K / year), plus I had some side businesses running and generating income and yet, here I’m not even close to my “Ferrari”.

I could probably re-define what “Ferrari” means for me, say something along the lines of “Sergey, you don’t need a Ferrari, you fine already, people don’t need too many things to be happy” and settle for less.

But I don’t want to settle! I want to explore the world to the fullest and if that involves a Ferrari, then let be it. Until next time gents and don’t let your Ferrari, whatever that means for you to get away…


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