Day 6: Change is hard

Hello hello. Me again. It’s Tuesday and raining outside, but I managed to wake up at 5.30, definitely not by myself yet. Went to bed around 10.20 yesterday. I would say it’s getting a bit easier to wake up, but not by much.

Today is the end of my 3 day detoxication program so I finally will be able to eat more stuff. I was drinking green smoothie for breakfast and mostly salads with a bit of fish during that period. Felt like I was out of energy at times (probably because of reduced calories intake) and was thinking about food a lot 🙂

The bad guys in my gut should be dead by now and I can start introducing more food to feed the good guys to keep growing my biosphere (or however that’s called)!

I also started taking vitamin D3 and ordered additional supplements – will report later when the order comes in. For now it’s time to go to my meditation center (aka basement) to wake myself up a bit more. See ya later.

6.30 and I’m back from my basement cave! Surprised to see my family is already up and running, so I probably will have to keep it short today. Will need to take the laptop with me, so I could focus a bit more.

Every time I speak with my friends and tell them that I’m trying a new diet and schedule they always ask same questions:

  1. Why am I doing this if I’m already skinny guy (my whole life I was a bit underweight for my height)??

  2. If you wake up super early, how do you actually kill time? What do you do?

To address the first question – I’m doing it to feel good and get extra energy in my body to achieve the goals that I set for myself. In the past when I was eating pretty much everything, I felt tired, sleepy and often had annoying headaches. My hopes with this new diet that all of those problems will disappear and I already feeling much better, even though I’m doing it only for about a week.

As for the second question – that’s a tough one. I still working on it. But at the very least you have time for yourself, to clean you mind, think and visualize your goals, shake you body a little bit – basically prepare for the day.

With some more practice, I’m hoping to shorten my morning routine so I have more time to actually do some useful things – aka “work”.

It seems people don’t want to wake up early because they have no idea what to do with the time that they suddenly get. Same people would complain they just don’t have enough time to get ahead in life.

It’s much easier to just sleep a few more hours and then jump into the regular routine – wake up, hurry up for work, spend the day there and at 5pm hurry up back home, watch some TV eat dinner and guess what comes next, you guessed it right – sleep.

Now tell me where do you see a room for some kind of changes?

Change is hard. I know it. In the past 3 month I’ve changed many things in my life – switched my comfortable job, signed up for Russell’s 2 comma club program for 15K that I mentioned before, went to Unleash Your Power Event (very not typical for me!), changed the way I eat and wake up every day..

I noticed that the more changes you make, the more comfortable with changes you become. I encourage everyone who is reading this to change something in their life. Start doing something you wanted to do for a long time. Even if it’s something small – do it and you will feel better about yourself.

Plus don’t forget to share your progress with others. I would really love to know what you changed in your life and how it affected your situation. Don’t be afraid to start sharing like I do right now.

Ok, it’s about 7am now and I still have another hour to focus on my “work” and at the moment my main task is to create a webinar funnel where I’ll be selling some products. I’ve been struggling with it for a few month now.. trying to come up with perfect idea.. not easy guys, not easy.

Until next time.

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