Day 3: stay away from free stuff

4.30 am on Saturday without the alarm? That is CRAZY! But somehow I managed to do it..

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling very well in the morning, my eyes were pretty tired first half of the day but it got better later on. Had a boost of energy after work with the exception of the eyes.

My eyes are in general pretty tired no matter what time I wake up, so not sure if that’s related or not.

Anyways, today is definitely a record breaking day so far! Woke up by myself, looked at my clock and there is another hour to sleep till the alarm. Closed my eyes thinking to take advantage of it, but then I felt pretty rested, even more rested than yesterday, so decided to get out of the bed and proceed with my routine.

Speaking of which, I still don’t have anything solid at the moment. Probably will start with short meditation and then the rest of the stuff – affirmation, visualization, some physical activity ( even though my right shoulder is pretty painful for a while.. ), then do some more writing (yay!) and finish all of it with nice cold shower!

Funny note, when I woke up I was a bit scared to have so much extra time – 2.5 hours before 7am, didn’t know how to fill those hours. Well, I’m still not 100% sure, but will figure something out.

I didn’t tell you guys that I signed up for the 2 comma club program a month ago. That’s one of Russel Brunson’s programs and I purchased more expensive one for 15K! That means I’ll fly to Boise Idaho in September, so I’ll need to come up with some ideas before that date, so I can put together my webinar and start selling something..

There is a funny thing that most people know, but refuse to acknowledge – when you buy stuff, you follow through with it. If it’s a book, you will read it. If it’s online course, you will watch it.

On the other hand, if you just download something for free, there is a BIG chance you will never even open that, or if you do – your will put little effort into that.. Well, maybe unless you are super special freak, the 1% of people and you are different from everybody else..

I did that many times in the past, still have 20K course that I downloaded on one of the pirates sites a FEW YEARS ago and only watched a first lesson..

There is also another story related to buying instead of getting for free. About four years ago I created online course for programmers (for Russian speaking audience) and it didn’t do crazy well financially, I’ve sold about hundred copies or so. Not the point. The thing is that even though the course cost was like $20 or so, some of my friends asked me to give it to them for free, which I did. Guess what – none of them asked me a single question about the course material afterward, which leads me into thinking that none of them actually watched it.. Of course, why bother – it’s free.

That’s is why I decided to buy this expensive 15K program. I wanted to create some real pressure on myself and actually put 100% into it. I think it kind of worked out in terms of pressure, I definitely was stressed out for about a month trying to come up with some genius ideas of what to sell and what kind of stuff that I know that would be helpful to other people.

At times I was self doubting myself, thinking I will not be able to come up with something sexy that people would want to buy for $997. To be completely honest, I still have those feelings on the back of my mind.. especially because September is almost here.. But after the Tony Robbins event in the end of July I was able to release the pressure a little bit, because ultimately it’s all in my head and I’ll be able to pull through. You know why? – because I’m freaking awesome! 🙂 That’s right!

Funny, it’s 5.21am and my initial goal was to put some quick notes about how I feel after waking up, but somehow the keyboard buttons attracted my fingers for almost an hour.. Interesting.. I almost don’t see the text on my screen as my eyes are still sort of half closed, but blind typing helps fortunately.. so I’m just typing away..

Ok, my wife just made a bathroom trip and then came to the kitchen where I currently sitting and typing this message on her laptop. She gave me a crazy a look and asked something along the lines: “What time is it?? Are you fucking mad with your “new” things already? ( healthy food, wake up early – that kind of stuff ). We have a lot of things planned today and you will be feeling like shit, because you didn’t get enough sleep”. Then she went back to sleep..

Change is hard my friends.. even small changes are very painful sometimes.. maybe I decided to change too many things at once.. maybe I am will be very tired by noon ( I hope not! ) today.. But the change needs to happen for most of us, because change usually leads to growth and that’s the ultimate goal!

I’ll report on my progress later on, but now it’s time to start my morning routine! Take care

Wake up, Neo... The matrix has you...

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