Build Zappos like faceted navigation with ElasticSearch

I’ve been looking at different facets implementations while working on REST Search API for my ecommerce store. Some of the solutions I saw were simple to achieve (like plain faceting by terms with single selection), while others required some thinking and some extra work.

Today we will talk about Zappos facets,  …

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Little trick to get AWS instance_id as variable in Nginx

If you are running in AWS environment it might be useful to get Amazon instance_id in Nginx for different purposes (logging, headers etc).

To do that we need to compile Nginx with Perl support (–with-http_perl_module flag during compilation). After that is done we can put this snippet inside of our httpd Nginx config section:

Important: While the Perl module is performing a long-running operation,  …

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Dealing with multiple config sets in Solr(+cloud)

Solr in “cloud” mode (solrcloud)

One of the first steps for solrcloud cluster setup is collection configuration preparation. Usually it’s done like this:

-Dbootstrap_confdir=./solr/collection1/conf -Dcollection.configName=myconf

If you start Solr with above attributes, it will load configuration files under ./solr/collection1/conf to Zookeeper with myconf name.  …

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Openssl heartbleed autofix for EC2 Amazon AMI – be aware!

You probably heard about recent security hole discovered in openssl library called Heartbleed. If not read:

Anyways here is the catch – turns out Amazon can roll critical updates to all images based of Amazon AMI!  …

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