Day 9 – Persistence is the key. Part 1

Hard hard hard… Woke up with the alarm at 5.30, feel like I could use another hour (or three). I think it’s mostly because I went to sleep around 11.20 yesterday, which is pretty late.

Mixed my supplements with the water and ready for my morning routine. Interesting observation from yesterday – the supplements seem to stop my cramps. In the past, I was always craving for some snacks, which would start not long after the breakfast. But I felt full and good yesterday.

Not sure which supplement was responsible for that, probably the PrebioThrive one that contains a bunch o fiber.

Ok, time to go to my cave in the basement.

6.50am and I’m back! The energy level is definitely up after the morning routine, a lot of it comes from the physical exercises and cold shower 🙂 I not going to lie, my meditation at the moment feels strange, I have no idea what suppose to happen, so I need to research it a bit more.. I just sit the and try to be in the moment for a few minutes.

The affirmations are also a bit strange, need to work on those a bit more.

Overall I think I’m starting to get some self-doubts about the whole thing. Stuff like “How all of this make me closer to my goals?”, “Is it really helping?”, “I better do something useful so I could start making some money and move closer to my goal of replacement my day-job salary”

I think we all love to see the results immediately and I’m not the exception, but it’s been just 9 days since I started.. Need to continue the process, so it becomes essential to my body and my mind.

On that note, yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting video from James Altucher. He first attracted my attention with some of his articles about why you should never go to college or why you should never buy a home (I did both :)).

Not going to lie, he is a bit strange guy and looks a bit like a bum, but he def have a lot of interesting insights and ideas.

Back to the video, here it is – I found a very short one for you, only minute and a half:

As you can see – the most important skill that all successful people have is: “Showing Up Every Day for A Long Time”. Boom. Not very inspiring right? 🙂

Actually, when I look back at my life, I can definitely attest to this principle.

Reverse 15 years ago – I’m back in Belarus. Just finished high school. Average at best always struggled with math, chemistry, physics and pretty much all other similar subjects. The only thing that I genuinely enjoyed in school was playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.

If you didn’t know in Belarus pretty much everyone goes to college, it’s like a cultural thing. If you don’t go, you pretty much become the outcast with very remote opportunities to find a job. Not to say that if you do go to college you will be able to find a job, but still, your chances are very very slim without the degree.

We set down with my father and pretty quickly realized that there was not much choice as to which college to go and with major to choose. The only option that was sort of available for me was a degree in Finance.

Sound cool right? A degree in Finance! You graduate and go work for a bank! The bank is the place where you get to work with a lot of money, wear a suit and white shirt every day and make your mom proud.

In reality, Finance degree in Belarus just means that if you have no special brains or skills or have no idea where else to go – you choose Finance major. After you graduate with this degree you basically join tons of other people (colleagues) that struggle to find any job, not to mention a dream job in the bank…

Somehow I managed to pass college exams and got accepted. I even had to go to math and language tutors for about a year before the exams! Of course, I didn’t get any scholarships and had to pay for my classes. But I got in! Now at least I had 5 more years in front of me, where I didn’t have to think hard about the future…

Then on my second year of college something life changing happened, but I’ll have to tell it next time because the article is getting pretty big already and my family is up and running already, making bubbles! Yay. Have to run guys, stay tuned and stay safe!

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