2 Weeks Update

Late show today guys. It’s 8.56pm as I’m writing this update. Dropped off my wife and my little boy at the airport a few hours earlier. They are flying over Atlantic ocean as I type these words which is pretty cool!

I’m truly amazed by my wife’s courage to handle 2 years old by herself on a plane for 8 hours! Can you imagine that??

It feels a bit strange and quiet at my place now, I was looking forward to some extra time for my “things”, to implement all the ideas in my head, but now I feel a bit lonely… I should really use the time though, so here we go.

Today marks 2 weeks since I started my new “lifestyle” and I think I should provide some kind of update on how everything is going with me.

Morning routine and wake up schedule

I continue to wake up at 5.30am every day with the alarm clock, but I noticed that it gets a bit easier to wakeup for the past few days. Sometimes I even wakeup a bit earlier and check time, sometimes a few times at night, which is a bit weird.

Other than that is doing good. Remember I do S.A.V.E.R.S (from Miracle Morning book). That takes me about 30-40 minutes and I was unable to shorten it so far.

I’m digging a bit deeper into the meaning of Meditation. Seem like a lot of people just sit still like vegetables thinking they are meditating, where in reality they just waste time…

Here is the interesting article on the topic if you want to learn more.

I also considering to buy a Chi machine. Yep, you read this right 🙂 Here is the one I’m considering at the moment if you curious.

The main purpose of the Chi machine is to strengthen your core and give you an energy boost in the morning. Basically, you wake up, drink a glass of water and then lay for 15 mins until this miracle machine does its magic. I’ll report if that’s true or not when/if I get one.

When it comes to Affirmations and Visualisations I think I’m doing ok there, the only “thing” I would mention here is my goals tend to shift a bit. One day I want more money as one of the goals, the next day I want to build and lead the team of professionals, the inner circle around myself. A bit weird overall, but hey, trying to be honest with you guys here..

The physical part of the routine is the most straightforward, I have no problem breaking a sweat and really enjoy the cold shower afterwards (today I replaced that step with the surfing session).

Overal it’s going good and I’m come out from the basement happy and energetic.


Shortly after I wake up I mix my 3 supplements, plus I take vitamin D3 and also ordered Fish Oil Omega-3 capsules which I plan to incorporate into my supplement mix as well.

After I take the supplements I don’t feel morning cramps anymore, probably because of the fiber, which takes my thought off the food while I do my morning routine.

Just touched my forehead skin and it feels a bit smoother, so here is that :))

As for extra energy – hard to give a definitive answer here, but I lean towards YES more heavily than NO. Let me know your personal impressions after you tried those supplements as well.


When it comes to food I still try to avoid leptins as hard as possible. I didn’t eat any tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, rice or wheat for two weeks and I rarely miss those.

My usual breakfast is either green smoothie (a mix of 1/2 cup organic baby spinach, 1 cup chopped romaine lettuce, 1 mint sprig, half avocado, 4 drops stevia extract, 4 table spoon freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 cup filtered or tap water + some ice cubes), a few pastured chicken eggs with some salad dressed with extra-virgin cold pressed organic olive oil 🙂

For Lunch I’ll have a piece of red meat or chicken (the size of the palm of your hand) + some salad from Whole Foods across from my office. I try to add half of the avocado when available.

Dinner is also some protein (meat of fish) with a side of asparagus or whatever my lovely wife cooks for us that day.

I try to eat a lot of olive oil, as I gets me full without any discomfort or bloating and seem to be pretty popular and healthy according to different studies. The only thing to keep in mind about Olive Oil is that you need to look for Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. If it’s just says Olive Oil on the label – that’s not what you want! Try to avoid.


As far as my reading goes, I finished the book called The Toxin Solution which was kind of scary to read.

In short, our world is loaded with toxins and we need to do a periodic detox to help our body to get all the bad stuff out.

It also mentions the importance of the food that we eat every day, which comes at no surprise.

Next on my reading list is the book called Head Strong. I read a few chapters and it seems to be extremely engaging and well written.

If you want to bio hack your brain and unleash its full potential, then you def want to read the book 🙂

Boom. It’s 10pm now and I’m going to bed now. Hopefully, it will help me to wake up without the alarm clock at 5.30am.

p.s. I think eventually I’ll try to move the wake up to 5 or even 4.30am as it’s actually not that much time is left after the morning routine before I need to go to the office. Maybe an hour.. The other alternative is to shorten my routine.. Choices Choices..

Wake up, Neo... The matrix has you...

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