Unexpected turn of events. The Viral Video Party. Day 29

Running a bit late guys. In the morning I went surfing and barely had time to write anything. Probably will do the same tomorrow as the surf report looks very promising.

Yesterday we met with my brother to discuss our funnels ideas. Remember I told you I’m going to Boise next week, so we did a short brainstorming session and I think I finally have a pretty solid idea.

I’ve been running e-commerce store for the past 12 years and learned a lot of useful tricks that saved us a ton of money in the process. Now is the perfect time for me to share my secrets with you guys. Basically, if you run e-commerce store or any website that generates money and want to learn some dark tech magic that will help you take it to another level, then you need to subscribe to my list right now!

My brother, Andrei, is also preparing something special! He is basically transforming the way people buy used cars and helps them save a ton of money in the process. Pretty cool underground knowledge… He doesn’t have a list yet, but I’ll keep you guys updated once I know all the details. Man, I’m so excited for you guys!!!

But it’s not all of the updates. I got home around 7pm and started cooking my awesome dinner. I decided to do the wild caught salmon with asparagus. Quick and tasty, check it out.

I was about to start eating this goodness when I received a message from Russel Brunson (if you follow me, you know who that guy is and if you don’t then…). Apparently, next Friday (Sep 15) he will be throwing a private Viral Video Launch party!

Russell spent over 500K to produce this new viral video for his main product Click Funnels and Harmon Brothers, the guys who did it (as well as many other super successful viral videos) will also be there to share some tips and insights! How cool is that?!!

On top of that, Gary Vaynerchuk will be delivering the keynote! It should be pretty small invite only event with only about 200 people which will give us a chance to hang out and get to know each other!

I’ll see if I can ask Russel for another ticket for my brother, as he is pretty pumped as well. I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of pics and videos from the event, so make sure you will be able to get my updates. It’s going to be epic!

This was totally unexpected, so I’ll have to do some last minute arrangements, book a hotel and flight. Hopefully, everything will work out as planned.

As for other updates, I finally finished Head Strong book and I think it’s pretty remarkable. It’s one of the rare books where almost every word matters. Learned so much biohacking stuff that I would never even consider possible before.

Some of the major takeaways that I remember:

  • Doing same things you do now will prevent you from living up to your full potential. Your community, your family, and our world deserve the better version of yourself!

  • Research Brain Octane Oil, it’s a proprietary product by Dave Asprey. Should be a great external source of Ketones. Also, you can measure current Ketones levels in your blood by keto strips. Pretty cool. I’m sure I’ll try Brain Oil in the near future.

  • Listen to your body and don’t obsess with measuring calories or grams. If it wants more food (assuming you are putting high-quality stuff, not processed garbage) then give it some more. In order for your brain and your body to work at full power, they are going to need plenty of energy (calories).

  • High-quality food is the key (See, everybody says the same thing about the importance of good quality food. Pay attention!).

  • Coffee is good for you and you can (maybe even should?) drink a lot of it). Just one thing to remember, you need to avoid molded coffee beans. You can maximize your chances of getting mold free coffee beans if you buy organic and single-estate washed coffee imported from high elevations in Central America.

You can take it to another level with Bulletproof Coffee (add Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed ghee mix it up and drink latte like liquid). I’m a tea guy, so will need to think how to incorporate it into my diet.

If anyone tried Bulletproof Coffee, I’m curious to hear real life feedback.

  • Try to eat grass fed meat whenever possible. While it’s definitely more expensive, you should be able to save a lot of money on the medical bills later on.

  • Have as many pistachios as you like, as long they are not old or discolored (and does not have mold!)

  • It’s a good idea to give your brain some energy before you go to sleep (as it will be doing a lot of work at night). Try taking a tablespoon of raw organic honey right before you go to bed.

  • Remove garbage light (blue white LED), tape all blue light led on your devices as well. There is a product called TrueDark that looks much better than regular tape, plus you can see through it. Hack your computer and phone lights as well, install free f.lux softwrare that automatically lowers blue light output. For Iphone it will be a bit more complicated, but could be done.

Ideally, u should manage your TV as well. There is an HDMI device from Drift TV that plugs into your TV and slowly removes blue spectrum from the TV screen.

Dim lights two hours before bed, maybe even use candles instead.

  • It’s essential to make your bedroom as dark as possible

  • If you work in the bright office environment or a big-box store all day, try special tinted glasses (TrueDark from biohacked.com). It may look a bit funny in the beginning but it’s well worth it if you want stronger brain and wake up with more energy. Consider adding red light to your environment to balance out the blue light exposure (especially important at night).

  • Try to get natural sunlight throughout the day. Open up as much skin as possible, so you absorb more sunlight.

  • Keep your cell phone out of your pants pockets and use headset instead. Turn off Wifi at night (I do that with a special outlet with the timer – cheap and good. The only thing to remember is that your wife may start complaining if she wakes up too early). Consider using electrical filters to reduce chaotic reverberations in your wiring.

  • Move. If possible move outside with your feets on the ground. Swimming is especially good. Try breathing exercises – they cause mitochondria growth (check out Wim Hof, the Iceman).

  • Cold is good. Take a cold shower at for at least 30 seconds every morning (or whenever you need more energy).

  • HIIT exercises – you need to do those just once a week and it should take about 6-10 minutes! Definitely, something to research more. Cut back on your regular exercises, that just mostly waste time. Throw in some resistance training (also once a week – inspired by Body by Science book).

  • Meditate – research Dr. Barry Morgulean, he is one of the twelve remaining grandmasters of ancient Chinese energetic medicine (he flies in for Tony Robbins big events to help him keep impressive energy at its peak).

  • Consider using supplements – here is what I personally take every day. Do your own research though. A lot of science in there, but the benefits could be life changing.

Remeber high-end racing cars require more maintenance and better fuel than your uncle’s old beater. Same thing applies to your body!

Maybe in the future, I’ll create a whole section on my site where I’ll be showing my reading list. The books that I read lately are quite extraordinary and range from different topics like marketing to programming, personal development and health. From time to time I’ll throw in some fiction and history books as well 🙂 Let me know if it’s something that you guys want to see.

By the way, did you know that 4-minute high-intensity exercise one a week is more effective than a daily hour long workout? No? Not surprised, I didn’t know either. Started reading Body by Science and from the very first chapters I can sense it will be quite extraordinary.

Definitely not the easiest read (compared to Head Strong book for example), lots of technical words and the author is a bit dry, but it’s kind of cool at the same time. Allows you to go deep and really understand the mechanics behind physical exercise (Krebs cycle, ATP and stuff like that).

Anyways, here is what I have going so far. Stay connected and have fun!

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