How to manage remote developers with just a few simple tools

Another early morning for me. Yep, still wake up at 5.30 (those who follow my journey know what I’m talking about). And yes it’s still hard to wake up, but it feels much better after my morning routine is finished.

Today I’d like to talk with you about working with and managing remote people.  …

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Complexity kills marketing and sales. Keep it simple!

About 10 years ago when I started as a junior web developer, I was obsessed with writing programs. Complex programs. I remember senior guys telling me that I needed to simplify my code so they could understand and help me to maintain it. But I naively thought I was the smartest coder in the world and kept introducing shiny new complicated parts.  …

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Why going to gym multiple times a week is actually a bad thing?

It’s fascinating to see how hard people try to defend their beliefs. Even the closest family and friends often refuse to consider some new cutting edge or simply nontraditional information. Just a few days ago I was trying to share some new ideas with my wife and I feel like couldn’t get through with my message because of her pre-existing beliefs…  …

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