Percona mysql install problem with Chef on Linode – be aware!


Fresh Linode instance of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Super simple recipe ( stripped down for debugging ).

include_recipe "apt"
include_recipe "ohai"

include_recipe "mysql::percona_repo"
include_recipe "mysql::server"

I tested installation numerous times with the same OS version with Vagrant with no problems,  …

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Provision and Bootstrap AWS instances with Chef

This is continuation of the previous post called Provision with Chef – baby steps. Today we going to talk about the process of bootstrapping instances with Chef used by FastCompany

At this point I assume that you already got chef repo setup and wondering how you could use it to configure your fresh instances.  …

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Mastering chef-solo: deploy to target machines and automatic run on boot

This post will cover some basics behind chef-solo and the way I use it to configure machines.

With recent changes to attributes introduced in Chef 11 chef-solo became even more useful for small infrastructures and testing cookbooks with Vagrant.


As you probably already know chef can function in two modes:

  • chef client and server ( one server many clients ) –  …

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Secure data bag items with chef solo

How to generate encrypted data bag item with knife and chef-solo

This post is mostly a memo to myself, because I often forget how to how to create encrypted data bag items..

Here is the deal. We know how to generate regular data bag items with knife: knife data bag create DATA_BAG_NAME DATA_BAG_ITEM ( for those who didn’t know ).  …

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